First Outdoor Road Ride & Paleo Cookies

Today marked my first outdoor road ride of the year! 40k, warm day and minimal wind. Perfection. Mind you, I was a little drained at the end because riding inside & outside is VERY different, and I didn’t hydrate well. Live and learn.

I was planning to do a track workout, but wasn’t really feeling it. The weather is a little sketchy this week, so I figured this was my best chance to get out on my bike. So glad I did!

We usually either go out by Riverbend–>Bridge St–>Sawmill Rd–>St. Charles Rd OR Victoria St–>Ira Needles/Erbsville; today I did the former which is definitely my favourite route. Quiet roads, bike paths, and a few hills for good measure. It certainly wasn’t my fastest ride, but you have to start somewhere 🙂

Matt also informed me yesterday that he is doing to Ride to Conquer Cancer next spring (200k over 2 days), so of course I will join him. We have a year to get back into riding shape!

When I got home, I was craving something sweet & healthy. I try to avoid gluten & dairy (no allergies, just ‘sensitive’) and paleo always seems to pop up. I like the lack of random other crappy flours that are super processed too. At least I like to think these are healthier 🙂

I used this recipe:

I used different chocolate (vega) and a little honey when I ran out of maple syrup. And I cooked them for cookies, super delic!!

I’m hoping this blog will help me knock things off my pinterest board of recipes to try! Wow, that’s addicting, but it’s time to make things instead of just drooling over them.

Lucky for me, M is away for the week, so I just have to fight Mac (the dog) for them.

Now that I have started blogging, I will actually try to take pictures of things… wish me luck!


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