Welcome to my blog!

This blog will be dedicated to my training and everyday life. Mostly so I can remember what I did a few months ago, basically my online journal.

So if you want to stay and read, feel free, but don’t get too excited.

This weekend kind of marks the beginning of summer — Victoria day weekend. The weather is nice and and a long weekend is never a bad thing.

It also seems to be a time when I like to make extravagant goals for the summer and plan to do everything under the sun.

So, my goals for the summer:

1. Run faster – specifically, run a fast(er) 5k. I have done the distance thing, it’s a great challenge but kind of boring and I don’t like being injured.

2. Get busier at work – I ventured out on my own in January, and am doing pretty well, but I’m impatient and want to be crazy busy this very minute… but it will come and it’s a work in progress. I have another blog that talks about Physio things blog.vsphysio.ca

3. Try some new recipes – this isn’t the first time I have set this goal… 1 new recipe/week, etc so I think it will always be on my list and something I always strive for… keeps things exciting.

I do have some new exciting things for the summer, with M (the man in my life)…

1. Dirt biking – I have never been, he loves it, so this summer I agreed to go twice (after he ran the Run for the Toad with me last year). Fair trade?

2. Italy! We leave in about 6 weeks! Super excited and we get to watch some good friends get married. It’s a tough life.

3. Mountain biking – seeing a theme here… but I’ve never really done this either, although I do love my road bike.


And because no first post would be complete without a picture of my hilarious dog. It’s pretty hot here today and he was just out running, so he’s a tired boy.

mac sleep



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