Soccer & New Sandwich!

Today was though day personally, and a bit of a slow day… Which was good and bad. Time to reflect = good.  Bored Amanda = bad.

We had a soccer game in the humidity! Wow, felt WAY harder when it’s hot/humid. We tied 6-6. My left quad is still giving me some issues and was actually pretty good until I kicked with my left.

I also discovered a new way to eat a sandwich/wrap. I’m trying to stay away from gluten and GF breads don’t cut it, so I found a cool idea of using nori as a wrap. Super low cal/carbs and brings some flavour. Chicken, red pepper hummus, spinach and cucumber. Delic. Should have made more!

It might just be the warm weather, but I have more of a craving for light food and paleo seems easier with veggies in season, so I’ll do pseudo-paleo…. I like my hummus, lentils, brown rice and oatmeal too much! (And chocolate)


Any moves or new eats today?


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