Wednesday, Humpday!

It was a bit of a blah day yesterday, dragged out, tired, a little dreary outside.

But, it happens, and life goes on! Today is already a much better day 🙂

I started with a short run, which was probably not the best idea since I had soccer Tuesday night. I knew it was my best/only chance to get out, and I was feeling a little bad for Mac, since he had been a little stuck inside. So I pretended to do a tempo run and only managed ~3-4k, but better than nothing!

I tried a new recipe,

I had high hopes (and did change it a bit) but was a little disappointed. It was good, just not super flavourful. But add a bit more heat and I’m sold! I’ll definitely do some tweaking to make this better. It was super easy and lots of veg servings. I do have to figure out this cauliflower rice business though.

As for today, I did some home strengthening this morning, which I missed, had a graston session with my fav chiropractor Rebecca and now some work, a few meetings (exciting stuff!!) and relaxing. Lovely Thursday.



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