Girls night :)

The end of the work week was a little slow/boring. Luckily, I had a girl’s night to look forward to last night!

My two bestest friends came over for dinner, wine, gossip and a sleepover! Maybe would have been a little smoother if our dogs weren’t trying to eat each other. They are in love 😉

I made some delicious salmon from Bauer Butcher and some local asparagus. Along with hummus/carrots. I also made some banana ice cream which is so ridiculously easy/tasty, along with TCBY-inspired toppings. Could not have been a better/more-needed night.

G and I went to bootcamp in the morning which is always fun. We both weren’t feeling so hot (especially with all the running after my first day back to Friday morning interval trails run group) so I’m definitely feeling it now in my legs. I love that feeling! We treated ourselves to Thrive smoothies after which really hit the spot.

M is home tonight so I’m super excited! Hopefully he’s up for some fun tomorrow too!


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